Why is Subsidence So Dangerous?

Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is discovering that their property has developed signs of subsidence as this can often be a complicated problem to rectify depending on the severity of the displacement. With this said, it is not uncommon for some people to ignore the problem and allow subsidence to fester instead of putting a plan into motion with a reputable company specialising in foundational applications. Read on as we explain why subsidence can be dangerous and why the signs should never be ignored…

Subsidence occurs when the foundation of a property becomes compromised and the ground starts to settle downwards with little to no horizontal movement. This can either be a sudden or gradual development, however it will most certainly wreck havoc on the structure and stability of a property if it is not dealt with sooner rather than later.

As a general rule, a property that is affected by severe subsidence may be uninhabitable as the movement will eventually have an impact on the brickwork and cause large gaps to develop. This means that anybody living inside the property will end up being exposed to the elements. In addition to this, severe subsidence also indicates that a properties foundation is in need of repair and the problem will only continue to get worse until the issue is rectified. Living in these conditions could put the health and safety of everybody at risk as the property will lack the appropriate stability to be considered safe, especially for children. In addition to this, subsidence that is continually ignored may eventually cause a building to collapse!

From another perspective, it is also important to consider the financial implications of a property afflicted with subsidence. After all, it is often more costly to rectify the damage caused by severe movement and soil displacement and this may leave homeowners out of pocket. Plus, it may also not be possible to get a mortgage on a property with subsidence so it is important to take this into consideration if you are thinking about purchasing a property that requires renovations.

There is a common misconception that rectifying subsidence is an easy-fix, however the entire process can take between 6 months to 4 years until the issue is completely rectified depending on the severity of the movement. As such, it is important not to ignore the signs of subsidence as the damage is almost always easier, cheaper and faster to fix when it is dealt with sooner rather than later. To find out how we can help, get in contact with the best piling company in the uk and speak to a member of the Rhino Piling team today!