3 Misconceptions about Sheet Steel Piles

There are a variety of different foundational approaches within the piling industry that all have their own unique abilities. After all, every property has different requirements which means that we have to be adaptable in order to provide every client with a foundation that can withstand the test of time. Sheet steel piles are often used where a different surface level is going to be established and provide vertical support. Read on as we bust some of the biggest myths on the web about them…

Myth: Steel is susceptible to extreme corrosion

Stainless steel is an incredibly durable and highly sought-after material because it is resistant to almost every form of corrosion. In fact, coating the steel for piling projects, particularly when they are being implemented in non-saltwater locations, is usually unnecessary because the material is known for its impeccable strength and durability.

Myth: Sheet steel piling is incredibly expensive

Although it is often used in very specific piling projects and there are alternative options on the market that can work just as well, sheet steel piling is able to hold its ground as a foundational approach both literally and figuratively. Unfortunately, many people still believe that it is an expensive method because steel itself is such a premium material, however it is actually incredibly affordable to implement. In fact, sheet steel piles are often stronger and cheaper than traditional concrete piles.

Myth: It is too difficult to find a steel piling company

It is no secret that sheet steel piling is a unique foundational approach; however, it is just as accessible as traditional piling methods. After all, many industry experts consider it an industrial piling method on its own and it can also be applied residentially as permanent walls in order to provide stability and durability. As a result, it is important to browse the market in order to find a sheet steel piling company that meets the needs of your project accordingly.

Here at Rhino Piling, we want to provide our clients with a service they will remember which is why we specialise in both residential and commercial piling approaches. Sheet steel piles are often used as seawalls or on piers in order to reinforce the strength of a structure against the wrath of the waves and tide. To find out more information, get in contact with the best piling Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the Rhino Piling team today!