What Does an On-Site Foundation Evaluation Involve?

There are many different problems that can arise during a piling project which is why any licenced contractor worth their salt will carry out an inspection of the site before the building work commences. Here at Rhino Piling, our team are equipped with the skills and equipment necessary to provide a foundation that will withstand the test of time, but our project managers will want to evaluate the proposed location ahead of time. Read on as we go over everything that they are looking for….

Soil Type

The type of soil on location can affect the suitability of certain piling approaches and may leave a foundation susceptible to subsidence in the future. As a result, our contractors will want to evaluate the soil before commencing a project in order to determine the most appropriate action to take and whether or not certain materials like clay, sand or gravel will propose any issues several months down the line.

The Surroundings

Steel piles are installed using industry standard machinery called pile drivers in order to force them deep into ground. This process can create vibrations throughout the soil which may affect existing foundations that are located within a close proximity to the construction site. As a result, we tend to evaluate the nearby surroundings of a potential piling location in order to ensure that the installation process isn’t going to become a health and safety hazard.


There are a variety of different piling approaches on the market and it is important that a contractor uses the most suitable one. An on-site inspection helps a contractor grasp the needs of a particular project and determine the best way to proceed. After all, traditional piles are popular for heavy industrial builds, but are often considered overkill in a residential environment.

An evaluation in piling ensures that a project can be carried out in accordance with industry standards without the risk of any unforeseen issues getting in the way. For all your piling Manchester needs, get in contact with a member of the Rhino Piling team today!