3 Things to Consider When Extending Your Home

The decision to extend your home is not something that should be made on a whim as a lack of
preparation can land homeowners in a lot of bother. After all, extensions are an expensive
endeavour, and it is important to take certain factors into consideration in order to ensure that the
final product meets your expectations accordingly. Read on as we go over 3 things to consider during
an extension project…

Planning Permission

The very first thing that any homeowner considering an extension should do is obtain planning
permission for the build itself. After all, it ensures that the proposed structure will be built according
to certain guidelines and deters unsuitable development, such as a those which may affect
neighbouring properties. Failure to get planning permission could land you in hot water several
months down the line so it should always be granted before work commences.

Building Regulations

Although they may sound similar, planning permission and building regulations are two completely
separate rules to follow when extending your home. After all, these regulations are followed by the
builders and contractors themselves in order to ensure that the finished structure is built with
structural integrity, energy efficiency, fire safety and ventilation in mind. As such, you should always
source a company with a positive history and shown ability to work according to these guidelines.


Perhaps the most important aspect of an extension is its foundation as it is essential that every
aspect of a building is supported from the ground up. An extension is essentially an additional part of
your home so it deserves the same foundational expertise as the main body itself as this will provide
longevity from the get-go. Always consider investing your time and money into an experienced and
licensed team in order to give your extension the best possible start.
Here at Rhino Piling, our team are the experts on your side when it comes to foundations for your
home extension. After all, it is vital that any additional buildings that are constructed alongside your
main property, such as a conservatory or garage, have a high-quality and durable foundation in place
as subsidence can have a ripple effect. For all your piling Manchester needs, get in contact with a member of the Rhino Piling team today!