The Hazards Involved in Piling

Although the experts who work in foundational approaches like piling are trained and experienced in the industry and have the necessary qualifications to operate specialist machinery like pile drivers, there are still a handful of risks that must be taken into consideration during each and every project. Read on as we go over some of the hazards of piling that every worker specialising in the industry should be aware of…

Underground Services

Since piling foundations are installed deep within the earth, it is important that there are no obstructions in the way. For instance, cellars, underground pipework and even tunnels could all put the future of a project at risk. This is because it can be impossible to work around them and so the vibrations caused by piling could lead them to collapse in on themselves, putting workers at serious risk.

High-Quality Equipment

A lot of the machinery that is used in piling is heavy-duty and bulky, and it needs to be in order to be able to bear the brunt of the work that it does. With this said, poorly maintained piling equipment that isn’t up to the job can put workers in immediate danger and also result in a botched foundation that will put people at risk further down the line too. As such, all machinery should be inspected regularly.

Soil Suitability

The aim of piling is to transfer the weight of a structure to the stronger soil within the earth, however the soft soil on the surface may pose an immediate threat during the piling process itself. After all, steep gradients and soil movement can make it difficult to install both steel piles and concrete piles safely. The ground should always be inspected for adequate bearing capacity in order to account for this.

It is no secret that construction is a dangerous profession and that is why workers must always wear hi-visibility gear and hard-hats in order to prevent accidents from taking place. With this said, the hazards that the Rhino Piling team face are often more routed towards the process of piling itself. Luckily, we carry out a thorough and exhaustive on-site survey prior to the commencement of our projects. To find out more information, get in contact with the best piling Manchester has to offer today!