The Benefits of Mini-Piling

Whilst traditional piling is always the preferred option, sometimes a property just isn’t suitable. From tight spaces to awkwardly built features, trying to secure high-quality foundations can seem like a losing battle. Luckily, that is where mini-piling comes in! By screwing or drilling a hollow steel shaft into the soil which is then filled in with a concrete base, mini-pilling helps reinforce a property and ultimately prevents subsidence. Read on as we go through some of the benefits that it can offer…

Easy Installation

When it comes to the installation of foundations in an existing building, many property owners are hesitant about the disruptions that the process can cause. After all, piling is not a decision that should be made rashly. With this said, mini-piles are thought to be the easiest variety of piling to install and they are the perfect choice for existing buildings that need to reinforce their foundations. In addition to this, it is also the least disruptive piling option on the market and creates very minimal noise pollution.


In the past, tight spaces and areas with low headroom would be out of bounds when it came to a piling installation in an existing building. Nowadays, mini-piling offers the industry a well needed dash of versatility as it is suitable for a variety of different properties, including those with restrictive working conditions. In fact, this process also allows greater depths to be reached with ease and simplicity.


It is no secret that piling as a whole is a costly process and that is why many people see it as an investment for the future. With this said, mini-piling offers an affordable solution for property’s that are in dire need of new foundations. After all, the repercussions of poor foundations can put people at serious risk. In addition to this, it is also an eco-friendly piling option because it uses less concrete and steel and also produces less waste which can save property owners a lot of money when carried out correctly.

Here at Rhino Piling, we want our clients to be confident in the work we carry out and that is why every member of our team has a wealth of experience in the piling industry. In fact, our skills and abilities allow us to provide a high-quality service like none other. To find out more information, get in contact with the finest experts in mini piling Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the Rhino Piling team today!