Common Signs of a Weak Foundation

The main reason why a property owner invests in a piling service is down to poor or failing foundations. After all, it is essential that a building is designed with high-quality foundations that are able to support the weight of a structure throughout its entire lifespan. Unfortunately, many residential buildings were constructed with speed in mind rather than precision which means that the foundations are often very poor in quality. Read on as we go over some of the common signs that a property has weak foundations…

Wall Cracks

When a crack appears in the wall of a property, it can be a sign that the foundations are under distress. In fact, diagonal cracks in the brickwork, particularly those that appear on the exterior, can also be an indication of subsidence. After all, cracks usually appear when the foundations shift or undergo subtle or severe movement. Since it is important to treat subsidence in the early stages, it is vital that weak foundations are addressed as soon as cracks exhibiting these characteristics are discovered.

Sticky Doors

The interior of a property can be affected by weak foundations in several ways. For example, the doors may start to stick or drag at the top due to movement that disrupts the shape of the frame. On the other hand, exterior doors tend to hang unevenly when they have been affected by movement in the foundations of a property. With this said, door frames can also present in such a way as a result of water damage or humidity, so it is important that an inspection is completed by a licenced professional.

Frame Gaps

Many homeowners tend to notice an issue with their foundations when the frames surrounding doors and windows start to develop large gaps. After all, subtle movement may not be immediately noticeable but over time the damage becomes difficult to miss. In fact, locks may not align properly and latches may fail to reach which can suggest that subsidence is at play and that an inspection should be carried out promptly.

From uneven flooring to end-stage subsidence that requires immediate repair work, poor foundations can come in a variety of different degrees of severity. In fact, a property owner who regularly inspects their foundations are more likely to catch subsidence early in the act and put preventative measures in place in order to reinforce the strength of the original foundations. To find out more information about the best piling Manchester has to offer, get in contact with a member of the Rhino Piling team today!