The Different Ways That Mini Piling Has Been Adapted

In certain situations, it may not be possible to utilise traditional pling methods and technology without putting the stability of the overall structure at risk. As a foundational solution in its own right, mini-piling is an approach typically untaken in order to reinforce the foundations of residential properties and has been adapted with challenging projects in mind. Read on as we go over a few different examples…

The size of a mini piling rig

A mini-piling rig is the piece of machinery that is used in piling in order to drive the mini-piles into the soil. This set-up is usually bulky and can come in at 20ft tall with regards to traditional piling methods, however the rigs that are used for mini-piling have been adapted in order to take specialist circumstances into consideration. As a residential foundational solution, mini-piling is often carried out in situations where headroom is restricted or there are existing foundations located nearby. The smaller size of the rig makes it easier to access these sites and reinforce a foundation to our expected standard in a way that just wouldn’t be possible with traditional piling rigs.

The smaller diameter of the piles

Mini-piles are identical in design to traditional piles as they are made from the same materials (timber, concrete or steel), however their design has been adapted slightly in order to accommodate the needs of residential foundations. As the name suggests, mini-piles have a smaller diameter which means that they aren’t as thick as you may initially expect, however they’re just as strong and sturdy because they’re installed in order to create multiple points of strength within a foundation. The decision to manufacture mini-piles in this way makes them lighter and easier to transport which can reduce the associated costs for homeowners.

Mini piling is often recommended following the completion of a full on-site evaluation as this allows the Rhino Piling team to fully grasp the specific requirements of a project and take the condition of the soil into consideration. Whilst traditional piling is preferred for industrial or new projects, mini-piling offers an adapted approach when it comes to the reinforcement of existing foundations that need a little bit of TLC. To discuss the process in further detail, get in contact with the best piling Birmingham has to offer and speak to a member of the Rhino Piling team today!