Manchester Based Piling Expert

Piling Completed In Manchester

Work took us back to Manchester this week for a job on a detached property where the owners were planning on building an extension to the rear of their property.

Our team from Rhino Piling arrived on site at the digging stage to provide our expertise on how best to continue. Every site we work on is unique and each space poses its own obstacles, so it is important that we perform a thorough examination to make sure we are positioning our piling in appropriate areas that won’t cause any damage to any part of the area’s drainage, or to the foundations of other properties.

Once we had made a plan for the best area to install the piling, the footing was dug out. We arrived on site at the earliest opportunity in order to have the footing dug to the correct width and depth, before driving all seven of the required piles by the end of the first day.

The main bulk of our work on day two of the job was to fabricate and install the 5 steel cages that would provide the balance and stability when the concrete was poured. The steel cages are vital, as they provide a balanced weight distribution amongst the foundations and make sure that all the weight of the new structure isn’t bearing down on just the driven piles.

We make the steel cages to the specifications given to us by the engineers, who work out the best diameters for the structure. At the end of the second day the building inspector was able to check over the piling, the footings and the steel cages thoroughly and ascertain if there were any problems.

With everything looking good, we were given the go ahead to pour the concrete, which was completed on the third and final day. The concrete was left to settle and dry over the weekend, allowing the bricklayers to arrive on Monday morning with the foundations fully completed.