Our client, a property developer, wanted to build a new three-storey multi-purpose building on a vacant site in Solihull, Birmingham. However, he discovered the neighbouring building’s existing foundation would prevent the project going ahead as planned, and it ground to a halt.

Rhino Piling was engaged, and we recommended engineering a cantilever beam solution. In a standard piled foundation, the piles would be driven in the centre of the perimeter trench, as shown in the image below.

However, due to the proximity of the neighbouring building’s foundation, this approach wasn’t feasible. The cantilever solution moves the piles and overall perimeter inwards without compromising load capacity.

Ultimately, we installed 49 piles using our drop hammer rig, 174 metres of steel and 100 cubic metres of C35 concrete, which we pumped in using a 65m boom pump.

We revisited the site ten months later while on another project in the area, and were pleased to see it well on its way.

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