3 Benefits of Hydraulic Pile Driving Hammers

The equipment that is used in piling is highly specialised and requires a great deal of training in order to operate effectively. In fact, there are a number of different pile driving hammers to choose from depending on the specifications of each project such as drop hammers, single-acting hammers, double-acting hammers, diesel hammers, hydraulic hammers and vibratory hammers. In this blog, we’ve decided to go over some of the benefits of utilising a hydraulic hammer in piling…

Controllable and Variable Stroke

The design of a hydraulic hammer means that the system relies on hydraulic fluid and motors in order to raise the weight above the ground. This method can be closely monitored and is therefore a lot easier to control in order to create a variable stroke as determined by the piles themselves. After all, it is not always necessary for the weight to be raised to its highest point. By using a hydraulic hammer, piling experts are able to take specifics into consideration in order to generate an all-round effective outcome.

High Efficiency Blow

Piling is quite a labour-intensive process as the machinery can be bulky to operate. As such, efficiency is key and hydraulic hammers offer a highly efficient blow when raised to their full height. This means that the piling process can be carried out a lot more accurately as the piles can be driven into the ground further with each blow of the hydraulic hammer.

Low Impact Velocity

There is a common misconception that the efficiency of hydraulic piling means that the piles themselves may be compromised during the process of driving them into the group. As well as generating less noise, hydraulic hammers also offer low-impact velocity which means that the blow of the hammer is unlikely to cause the pile to rupture or damage because only one aspect is moving at any given time. As such, the only force acting upon the pile comes from the hammer from above.

The different variables of each pile driving hammer means that the approach to piling needs to be altered each time. After all, a hydraulic hammer makes use of hydraulic fluid and is powered by hydraulic motors in order to lift the hammer to the designated height in order to inflict a powerful enough blow. This approach is often used in traditional and commercial piling. To find out more about the different tools used in piling Manchester, get in contact with a member of the Rhino Piling team today!