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A Round-up Of Rhino Pilings 2023 Commercial Pilings Projects:

By 04/12/2023No Comments

2023 has been a successful year for us here at Rhino Piling with all the many impressive commercial piling projects we have completed for many establishments all around the nation. In this blog, we will cover some of the many work projects we have completed this year so far!  

Piling new build houses in Stoke-On-Trent- 

One of our biggest projects this year was installing pilling in preparation for an array of new builds in Stoke-on -Trent. The biggest problem we faced with this project was after a ground survey, we noticed the area was deemed to be susceptible to peat due to the boggy nature of the surrounding strata. This meant there could potentially be a lot of uncertain problems such as subsidence, all because of the peat. After we noticed this, we were quick to bring it up with the client’s managing director who was extremely impressed with our expertise. He had us booked and ready to complete the installation. We installed 20 168mm piles, 43m of prefabricated steel ring beams and void former, and ten cubic meters of concrete for each of the 5 plots. This project began on the 8th of March and by mid-April, we completed the last plot, and we can confidently say, we successfully installed the piling foundation ensuring they will not be affected by the peat. In conclusion, our fantastic team had installed commercial piling for 5 homes safely and effectively.  

Replacing a failing raft foundation in Chester: 

Another interesting project we underwent this year was the failing raft replacement in Chester. This was a commercial altercation that took place at Chester University. We use 8x 150mm piles and 124kg beam and lastly 3 cubic metres of concrete. The existing raft foundation of an external fire escape staircase at the university was falling apart due to being founded on very poor, compressible ground. Of course, our amazing team was quick to resolve this issue by creating a new ground foundation. The staircase was now safe and useable in case of an emergency. 

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