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Advantages of Opting for Mini Pilling

By 16/06/2023No Comments

Mini piling is a type of piling that uses a narrower diameter. This form of piling is lightweight and inexpensive while still being able to withstand extremely heavy loads. Choosing mini piling will cause minimal noise disturbance or any disturbances to the community outside your project I.e. people commuting to work or citizens that live in the area. This allows you to reach great depth efficiently.

We have provided a list of advantages of using mini piling, so make sure to continue reading to find out more:

  1. Minimal disruption

As mentioned earlier, mini piling causes minimal disruption. When working in built-up areas, this is the perfect option for constructing foundations.

  1. Cost effective

Considering how much weight they can withstand; mini piling is definitely a great option if you’re working on a construction project that is on a stricter budget.

  1. Quick installation

Depending on the conditions that you will be working with, mini piling can be a quick and easy installation process. This is great if you are under a strict time frame.

  1. Can be used in narrow spaces and low headroom

If you’re working on a project that has more narrow and tight spaces, mini piling can easily be used to construct foundations. You can construct foundation piles in a low headroom too meaning for some sites, they are the only solution.

  1. Mini piling requires less materials

Mini piling uses less concrete and steel than other types of piling. This reduces the foundation’s carbon footprint, costs less, and is generally better for the environment.

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