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From Rain to Shine: How Different Weather Conditions Affect Piling Constructions

By 29/03/2024March 31st, 2024No Comments

Weather factors can interfere with piling construction. Whether it is torrential rain or beaming sunshine, there is always a chance for issues to arise. Today, we are going to share how different weather conditions can affect piling construction and even share some small steps you can take to prevent these problems from occurring. We can all blame mother nature for these mishaps.

Heavy Rain:

Let’s face it, no one likes the rain. Pile technicians particularly dislike the rain because heavy rain can soften the soil. This means it is significantly harder to get the piles to stay in the desired position without sinking or subsiding. To help prevent this from occurring, we recommend covering the project even when our team is not on-site, as well as planning the project for when the forecast is clear.

Strong Winds:

Intense winds can impact the stability of piling equipment and the structure. This can create challenges for maintaining the precise position of the structure. By securing down equipment and adjusting our work methods, we are able to carry out the installation in the safest and most effective manner.

Freezing Temperatures:

Freezing cold temperatures can essentially impact the integrity of the piles, which in turn can ruin the whole construction. Freezing temperatures can also impact the strength and durability of the materials used for piles. We recommend asking for insulation or frost protection techniques if you know your area is a lot more susceptible to cold temperatures. This will prevent any adverse effects on the piles during cold weather conditions.

Scorching sun:

Who doesn’t love a bit of sun? Well, if the piling structure is exposed to direct blazing sunlight, it could undergo something called thermal expansion. This is when the piles and other materials begin to expand due to the heat, and this can affect the dimensions and integrity of the structure. The heat from the sun can also dry up the soil, making it harder to install the ground piles. Slightly dampening the soil will resolve this issue.

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