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The Importance of Strong Building Foundations

By 13/12/2018June 13th, 2023No Comments

Before construction can commence on a building, it is important that strong foundations are put into place. After all, there are many issues that can arise if you choose to neglect the fine details. Here at Rhino Piling, we are the building experts you want on your side, especially when it comes to deep foundations like piling. Read on as we go through three reasons why it is important to invest in strong building foundations…


People incorrectly assume that a building can be built directly on top of soil without the need for a foundation. Subsidence occurs when a building sinks or collapses into the ground due to the movement or shrinkage of soil. In fact, it is the number one problem that buildings without a strong foundation have to deal with and it can be incredibly difficult to rectify. After all, subsidence doesn’t just affect buildings with no foundations, it can also target buildings with poor quality foundations too! Luckily, it can be prevented by making an investment; piling is a form of deep foundation that involves planting piles deep within the soil so that your property will remain supported and sturdy, even if the soil was to subside.


A building is only as good as its foundations. After all, even the best-looking property has to be supported by something that can hold its weight throughout its lifetime. Since there are many different foundation options on the market, it is important that you consult with an expert in order to ensure that you opt for the one that can give your building the strength it needs to remain upright. For example, deep foundations like piles transfer heavy loaded structures through columns that hit the bedrock and are perfect for places where shallow foundations, like mat footings, are unsuitable.


If you do not invest in the foundations of your property, it will have a reduced lifespan. After all, strong and stable foundations ensure that a building is secure and protected from the damage that things like subsidence can cause. In fact, high-quality foundations, such as piling, can increase the longevity guarantee of a brand-new build as it can last as long as a century without deteriorating in quality or putting your building at risk.

Whether you are constructing a 20-story building or adding an extension to your property, it is important to invest in strong and sturdy building foundations. Piling is a fast and economical solution that can be installed in just three days by our expert engineers, which means that you can secure your foundations without having to delay an entire project! To find out more information, get in contact with the best piling Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the Rhino Piling team today!