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What Is Pile Testing and How Is It Done?

By 25/05/2023June 13th, 2023No Comments

If you are new to the piling and construction industry, then you will likely have lots of questions regarding piling foundations and how they are installed. In today’s article, we are going to be guiding you through all things pile testing and why it’s important during the process.

What Is Pile Testing?

There is a high percentage that strong building is constructed on strong foundations. You will typically see piles being used to create sturdy foundations for a building that is on a larger or taller scale. You can also see them being used when the ground is shallow or unsteady in the construction area.

The piling process can be awkward when looking to see if there are any flaws or damages in the piles, that’s why we use pile testing to avoid any imperfections during the process. It is vital that piles are tested before they are installed to avoid any setbacks. Any damages in the piles could affect the quality of your project and cost more time for the business.

Pile testing involves examining the piles for any defects before they are fully installed. It is a safe way to inspect any flaws without damaging them. It must be done in a way that keeps the piles in pristine condition, this testing method is carried out by certified engineers and contractors who are experienced in piling.

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