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What is Piling

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In order for a building to be stable and secure, it needs good foundations. The key to these foundations is piling.

Before any structure can be built, deep foundations need to be driven into the earth; this technique is what we refer to as piling.

Modern foundation techniques have been adapted over time since the middle ages, and piling is crucial to the stability of any building, including homes, bridges, viaducts, offices, and even roads.

How does Piling Work?

Where the soil and earth is performing poorly, piles are built to help spread the load of the building and to firm the ground. In the long-run, they help combat corrosion which significantly increases the life expectancy of any structure and also helps save money.

Piles can be made from a number of different materials including wood, metal, concrete or steel. They are driven deep into the ground through hammering where they support weak soil and allow for heavy constructions to be built above.

There are two main forms of piles; replacement and displacement. Replacement piles are placed into holes in the ground and displacement piles are pre-formed and driven into the ground, displacing the earth.

How Are They Used?

Piles carry heavy loads, so they need to be designed carefully so no problems arise in the future. Care must be taken when spacing the piles so that loads are even and take place over the entire space.

Piles perform two main functions:

  1. Sinking Foundation Repairs

Piles are installed using pneumatics. Once installed, piles reinforce the existing foundation by transferring some of the load of the house to the new supports.

  1. Structural Reinforcement

When traditional strip footings are not adequate enough due to bad ground or other issues, piling is required to transfer the load of the structure to “good ground”.

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