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House Extensions and Foundations: A Guide

By 19/09/2023No Comments

Welcome back to our blog, in this article, we are going to be guiding you through house extensions and what you may need to know if you are considering looking into this process. Continue reading on to discover more.

The first question commonly asked is, do you need piling for house extensions? 

The answer to this is yes, the type of foundation decided will most likely depend on the results of an inspection. This will help give us a clearer idea of what the ground quality is like and which type of foundation will work best for the piling project.

If you’re new to the process of piling for house extensions, here are some of the main foundation types that can be used for these types of projects. 


This is a similar type of method to the strip foundation. This type of foundation will dig into a trench to the depth required and then pour the concrete into the trench that has been dug.

Raft Foundation

Raft foundations are reinforced concrete slabs that completely cover the extension area. This type of foundation will help to create a large surface area which will then give it a reliable and better quality surface to continue the process.

Piled Foundation

Piling foundations will be the final type of foundation we’re going to be listing. We know this one best as this is what we specialise in! This type of foundation is used when the building ground quality is unreliable for example, the grounds are near rivers or the seashore. Another example could be that the other types of foundations are not feasible for your project.

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