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What Is Screw Piling In Construction?

By 06/09/2023No Comments

A crucial step in any construction project is understanding how to build a solid foundation. In today’s world of construction, screw piling has become a popular method of piling. This is all down to its efficiency and reliability. 

Screw piles have an array of benefits and in this blog, we are going to be running through what screw piling is and how it could benefit your construction project. Continue reading to find out more…

What is screw piling?

Screw piling is a method frequently used in the construction industry. It is especially great for creating stable and durable foundations for you to create top-quality projects. It has quickly become a highly effective type of piling. Its purpose is to form a solid support system for a variety of structures from commercial to private buildings. It’s a reliable method and one that should be kept in mind when creating an initial plan.

What are the benefits of screw piling construction?

There are lots of different benefits of screw piling in construction, listed below are some of the top points to give you a better understanding of why screw piling might be the method for your construction project:

  1. The cost of piling will help you if you’re on a tighter budget
  2. Will save you time on your project as opposed to selecting a different method of piling; the installation process is quick
  3. Durable and will stand the test of time
  4. A great option for unstable soil conditions 
  5. Minimises the need for in-depth site preparation, there’s no need for removing water or soil repair from the area, you can go straight in with the screw piles

What is the screw piling process like?

The process of screw piling is fairly simple. Before starting any project, your first step will be to gather your team and create a plan of action. The plan will include your first task which is to investigate the soil and analyse its quality. Based on the result of the soil analysis, your next step will be to assign the engineers to design the screw piles to match the exact requirements for the area. Once the starting tasks are complete, you can then begin the process of installation. When the installation is complete, the team should monitor the finished piles to make sure they are secure and you can continue the project without needing to repair the piles. 

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